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  • What is redesign?
    Redesign is the concept of using what you already own and working with the features that your space already provides to make interior design more approachable and economical. An upleveled look does not have to mean tearing down walls, replacing floors, or ripping out cabinets. If remodeling is not in the cards at the moment, redesign is a great, affordable option that will bring you joy instead of being a constant reminder about what you do not like about your space. Redesign includes making sure the answer is YES to these design questions: -Are the best features of your space shining through? -Is your multipurpose space cohesive? -Does your traffic pattern and layout make sense? -Does your space have a focal point? Or does one need to be created? -Is everything organized for stress-free living? When there is a need for new items, we shop used, vintage, and local first! Uplevel Redesign has a strong focus on sustainability, supporting our community, and supporting local, small businesses.
  • What services do you offer?
    -Full service room redesign -Seasonal refresh -Decluttering -Perfecting ignored guest rooms -Home visit consultations -Marrying items for couples/roomates moving in together -Prepping space for new baby -Transitioning baby/toddler room to big kid room, big kid room to teen room -Shopping -Color consultations -Design direction for DIYs See SERVICES tab for discounted packages or we can create a custom package based on your needs!
  • Do you offer a free consultation?
    I do offer a free 15 minute phone call to determine if my design services are a good fit for your project. If we are moving forward, I will email you a detailed intake (one for each space). Upon reviewing your intake, I will contact you to schedule my initial home consultation.
  • How much do redesign services cost?
    See SERVICES tab for my signature discounted packages! All other design services are billed at a flat rate of $95/hr Color Consultations are $95 flat within a 15 mile radius of Rte. 25 & Fabyan Pkwy (Batavia/Geneva border).
  • What is your service area?
    Chicago's Western Suburbs - primarily Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles Design packages include travel to client's home within 15 miles of Rte. 25 and Fabyan Pkway (Batavia/Geneva border). *Additional miles will be billed as time
  • How many hours will my project take?
    This all varies on project size and how many hands on hours you need from me. Some people prefer to research on their own after they are given a clear vision on our design strategy. If you prefer to do parts of the design process yourself, I am able to provide you with a to-do list and tangible action steps after our first 2-4 hour home visit consultation. My full service redesign package includes 20 hours of design services.
  • How much will my purchase items cost?
    That all depends on what you already own that is staying in the space, how much you are wanting to invest in the project, and where you would like to source your "new" items. You will provide this number on your detailed intake. I can work with any realistic investment amount :) Here are couple recent examples for reference: *Living room transformation that needed only three OfferUp items: sofa, coffee table, entertainment center = $1100 *Complete bedroom design (client provided mattress, curtain and duvet insert only) needed: NEW - duvet, shams, sheets, throws, accent pillows, nightstand decor, side table and pendant light OFFERUP/FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE - bed frame w/headboard, storage bench, night stands, full body mirror, accent chair, ottoman, dresser, rug, plant, plant basket, and three wall decor items Total = $1662 *Guest bathroom quick refresh before out of town company arrived - added in all new World Market items keeping existing wall shelf, wall art and shower mat only = $291
  • Do you take a commission on my purchase items?
    This is a hard no! Uplevel Redesign was created to make interior design more accessible and affordable for all. Unnecessary markups would take us further away from that goal. When designer discounts are available, those are also 100% yours.
  • How long do you book out?
    I will only take on 6 full service redesign spaces a month in order to provide clients with the highest level of attention and service for their design. Sometimes this means waiting a month or two to get on schedule but your initial home visit consultation will be scheduled within 2 weeks of your free discovery call.
  • What if I have questions after we meet?
    Text and email is included with a full service project (home consultation+item research+shop+design execution). All other projects will include 20 minutes of text and email, and then billed at an hourly rate of $95 if we are continuing the design conversation.
  • What is the best way to reach you?
    Email or text. Calls must be scheduled.
  • What is the average timeline of a redesign?
    A full service redesign can take on average, 1-3 weeks. If we are sourcing items from OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace, these processes all depend on inventory, seller availability, and pick up availability. If we are sourcing from local small businesses, World Market, West Elm, etc, that can also depend on stock and ship times. I can work with all timelines and will provide you with a realistic estimate when your project intake is submitted and our initial home consultation is complete.
  • Do you provide contractors, movers, painter's, etc.?
    No. I have local referrals for you if you need any of these services.
  • Can I shop with you?
    Absolutely! (It is not mandatory if you are unavailable or dislike shopping)
  • What are your favorite local shops for interior redesign?
    Trend + Relic House of Charlemagne SGToo Cattalpa Manor The Rustic Fox Warehouse 55 The Vintage Marketplace Co.
  • Can you pick up my items from Offer Up and Facebook Marketplace?
    As long as it fits in my van! (half hour minimum if not included in full service redesign). You will need to provide cash, Apple Pay, or Venmo for the purchase item(s) prior to pick up and attending the pick up is encouraged for the final look since sales are non-refundable.
  • How many spaces can you redesign at once?
    This all depends on availability. I take on 6 full service redesign spaces a month so if you are wanting to redesign an entryway, living room and dining room, I would schedule you in a month that 3 spaces were available.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Check and cash - no transaction fee Venmo for design services - a transaction fee of 1.9% + $0.10 will be added (ex. $100 = $102) Venmo for items purchased on your behalf (furniture, decor, paint, etc.) - no transaction fee if purchase protection remains toggled off
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